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Dec 04, 2008 "Serving Alna, Dresden, Edgecomb, Westport, Wiscasset and Woolwich" Vol 39, Number 49


County Commisioners
Edgecomb Fire Station
Investigation Delays Town Audit
John O'Connell
Natural Currents
Town Says No
Two Committees Cause Confusion

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Standing Just OutsideStanding Just Outside
Standing just outside her office is Wiscasset Assessing Agent Sue Varney, left, who has helped others help those in need at Thanksgiving and Christmas for many years. This year she has a volunteer helper, Shannon Pinkham, right. (Photo Paula Gibbs, 2008-12-04)

Edgecomb fire station issues sparks debate

(By Susan Johns)

Verbal sparks were flying Monday night at the Edgecomb selectmens meeting during the boards discussion with Fire Chief Roy Potter and a consultant who joined him. ...

Investigation delays town audit

(By Paula Gibbs)

The town of Wiscassets yearly audit has been delayed this year because of an investigation to find out how much money was allegedly stolen by the town clerk, Town Manager Arthur Faucher said this week. ...

John O'Connell named county administrator

(By Charlotte Boynton)

John O'Connell was named Lincoln County Administrator at a meeting of the commissioners Tuesday morning. ...

Two committees cause confusion

(By Susan Johns)

An Edgecomb committee that decided to switch from being a town committee to a private one without asking the town first - will have to give the town about $4,000 raised for Fort Edgecombs bicentennial celebration next June. ...

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